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Old and grey...
22 August 2017
Reviewer: Karenz from UK

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An old friend referred me to Astrodienst, she had read Liz Greene over and over, the book Saturn was the astrological guide for a generation of astrologers who thought much the same. I think the reasoning was the charts are excellent, but oh dear no, the readings are grizzly and at best dull.

Between Liz Greene and Robert Hand, Astrodienst took the low road I always felt, a rather grey reading of all aspects Saturnian but hey, I could rarely ever find anything good about my chart though I paid for a full chart many years ago.

To this day, I have referred to Astrodienst because the site offers personalisation and a free reading. It's laziness, I need to find a better place to find readings, please recommend!

It was a reading today that changes my attitude. I have just about had enough of Astrodienst as of today. The guidance of my first Saturn return will not be as the guidance of my second, I am intent on breaking free of the negative and nihilistic readings I find on the Astrodienst site, forever more.

It seems my life is so shoddy, according to Astrodienst, I need to be warned and worried by want and need forever, there is no end to the gloom Astrodienst portends for me. Well, I got news for anyone reading this, Astrodienst is a yawn, a big grey yawn, the sense of hopelessness is there with every chart I have read, according to Astrodienst, but I am not convinced and never really was that the readings have any value at all.

Today's reading was the greyest ever. It is my second Saturn return and asthere isn't a good word for Saturnian energy from Astrodienst and my chart pivots on it I am being naive there will be so much as a whiff of gracious optimism.

I never remember a good reading on the Astrodienst site. I must say that I rarely go there to sniff at the gloom portent, but today with an eclipse just over and with all the force of those of us who are set upon a real change for humanity and the planet, I was disappointed to find gloom, doom and warnings.

I get the feeling with Astrodienst that the readings suggest I need to be someone else and it's not so. More fool me for seeking advice without the condescending tone of a parent saying 'told you so' because I am different, due to my out there Saturnine influence.

I say: toss.

Astrodienst need to take a new look at their old story and stiff attitude to differences.

Times change, for the better!

it's good to be different.

In summary, I would not recommend Astrodienst to a friend.

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