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Astrosage.com is a great site devoted to the ancient practices of Vedic astrology. While a lot of our readers may not be particularly familiar with Vedic astrology (check out our buying guide for this category to find a basic summary of what it is all about!) we think this is a great alternative to standard horoscopes, which, let’s face it, can get a bit dull and repetitive if you’re a regular user of these sites.  Astrosage offers you what it describes as one of the most accurate annual horoscopes available anywhere online, so naturally, we were pretty excited to check this site out.

Built out of Moon-sign astrology and personalized astrology services, Astrosage.com has a vast collection of great products and services that we’re sure will appeal to many of our readers. The amount of services not based on Vedic astrology is quite limited at this site however, so it’s worth bearing that in mind if you’re not hugely interested in exploring this kind of astrology. If you are willing to branch out a little, however, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed!

One of Astrosage.com’s flagship features is the free online Kundli software. This is a modern replacement for the traditional Kundli charts given to newborns in India. These charts track the stars at the precise time of a child’s birth and, according to Vedic astrology, can accurately predict the events in that person’s life for years to come. Astrosage.com, like many sites that offer this kind of service online, uses software to generate Kundli charts – making the process cheaper and less labor-intensive (and thus allowing the site to offer Kundli charts free of charge to all users). In addition to Kundli charts, users can also tap into a wide range of premium Vedic astrology products and services, including the excellent “Ask a Question” service, a number of great career, job and happiness readings and the “Muhurta” readings (which identify auspicious moments in your life which you should aim to align with the occurrence of key life events). 

As if this wasn’t enough, the site offers even more by way of features and services that we couldn’t leave out of this review.  Astrosage has a number of popular compatibility features, including name compatibility (to see whether the one you love is a good match for you), love match tests, baby naming suggestions and Porutham (marriage matching).  Users can also use the site’s many calendars to help plan their lives – the holiday calendar, religious calendar and Panchangam (an ancient Hindu calendar). There’s also a collection of great freebies on offer at the site, including wallpapers, feng shui horoscopes, ‘ask Ganesha’ and more.

Astrosage.com is a great site that really brings the benefits of Vedic astrology to the masses. If you’re interested in giving this ancient form of astrology a go, be sure to hit the link below and head over to Astrosage.com today. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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