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Astrology.com Review

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We have awarded Astrology.com our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 22 Horoscope and Astrology Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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Astrology.com is one of the world’s largest and most respected online astrology, tarot and horoscope websites.  With a massive online following, a huge array of features and an easy-to-use and intuitive website that makes users want to keep coming back, Astrology.com has firmly settled into the number one spot in this category. 

Astrology.com is part of the network of websites and brands called iVillage. iVillage is a women-focused network that covers everything from entertainment, beauty, family, food, style, health and of course, astrology. With more than 34 million unique hits every month to iVillage site, it’s clear that Astrology.com is in great company. 

Just because Astrology.com is owned by a female-focused brand, doesn’t mean that men can’t get involved and enjoy using this site.  iVillage is a NBC brand, and the site has been careful to ensure that its appeal has widened beyond that of just the average American housewife.

Undeniably the internet’s most popular portal for astrology and horoscopes, Astrology.com offers a hands-on approach to understanding astrology, focusing on making astrology accessible to all – and not just churning out repetitive daily horoscopes to the masses. If you’re looking for a quality site that really invests in excellent readings and the skills of professional astrologers, then Astrology.com is probably right for you.  

Astrology.com prides itself on offering an inclusive selection of tools, readings, features and information that mean the site is as perfect for beginners as it is for experts.  The site includes literally thousands of pages of content – so much that it would be difficult to ever get bored with it.  All of the content is constantly updated and revised, meaning the content remains relevant and exciting, even to those users who have been signed up to Astrology.com for a number of years (and there are plenty of those around!)

  In addition, Astrology.com hosts a whole range of  features that you won’t necessarily find at other sites.  

One of the key differences between Astrology.com and some other sites we have reviewed in this category is the sheer wealth of coverage.  Users of Astrology.com can enjoy Tarot, Numerology, Feng Shui advice, Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Psychic Tests and much more.  This breadth of coverage is greater than any other site reviewed as part of this category, so even if choice is all you’re looking for, you’re onto a winner with Astrology.com. On a daily basis, more than 20 horoscopes  (including some issue-focused horoscopes like love horoscopes, career horsocopes and financial horoscopes) are emailed out to users, meaning they can tap into the type of astrological advice and information they really need at any time of the day.

As well as stellar daily horoscopes, Astrology.com has also bought in fully to the technological revolution in this market.  Users can use 10 SMS astrology products, giving them flexibility when and where they use the site’s many features.  There is also a wap/mobile internet optimized website, meaning users with iPhones, Android Phones and Blackberries can check the site on-the-go.  Applications are also on offer for the Apple iPhone and Facebook, giving users additional ways to check out what their day has in store for them. 

In addition, Astrology.com hosts a whole range of  features that you won’t necessarily find at other sites. Users of Astrology.com can enjoy a great range of interesting and exciting blogs, written by a number of featured bloggers. These bloggers are all professionals and experts in the fields of astrology, tarot and the spiritual arts, meaning there’s always something interesting to read about.  In the same vein, the site’s newsletters and message boards are popular and well-used, giving users something else to read once they’re done with their horoscope. 

On top of this, the “Astro101” course allows you to find out more about the history of astrology, use a glossary of key terms and, for example, what it really means to be born on “a cusp” (to name just one of the issues dealt with in this area of the site). Finally, there’s also the ‘Better Living Guides’ – a range of great, life-changing online courses from best-selling authors and talented experts in their respective fields. You can choose from courses in self-improvement, relationships, money, careers and more. All of these courses offer users an insight into different ways of living their lives and can help improve their understanding of the world around them. 

This review can only really scratch the surface of what is on offer at Astrology.com, much of which is offered to subscribed users free of charge. Where fees are applied to products and services, we think they are pretty reasonable when compared to those at other sites in this market.  A personal astrology profile, for example, is offered for just under $15, while personal readings are available from $9.99 and a rich, in-depth day-by-day forecast is charged at around $35. None of these are “break the bank” prices, and when compared with other sites in this market, are quite fair. 

If you’re looking for a good-quality astrology and horoscopes website, you would be well-advised to give this one a go. With a host of great features and a vast coverage that takes in everything from Chinese Astrology to Feng Shui, you’d be mad not give this one a try. Hit the link below to find out more about Astrology.com – our number one site in this category!

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