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Psychic Source has been a trusted choice for psychic advice for more than two decades, so we were pretty excited about giving this one the once-over for our readers. Founded in 1989 and making its online debut only a few years later, Psychic Source remains many users' favorite place to find low-cost, “always-on” psychic advice and support. With a versatile and easy to use service that comes complete with a wide collection of features, readings and products, we were impressed by what users can expect if they join this service. If you’re interested in tapping in to this excellent source of astrological knowledge, then read on to find out everything you need to know about Psychic Source!

The mainstay of Psychic Source’s offering is in its psychic phone and chat service. This works much like a traditional psychic phoneline service, except users can access extensive profiles of each of the psychics, mediums and astrologers on the site to assess their abilities, experience and the areas in which they practice. This means that users can find someone who specializes in talking about particular issues (e.g. death, careers. finances, relationships, sex and more) or they can find a particular type of person (e.g. a woman, or a psychic of a particular age). In short, it’s easy to find a psychic who you feel comfortable talking to and who is able to help you address your issues (with a little help of course!). What’s really great about Psychic Source is that, because the service is truly international, there are psychics available to support you at all times of the night and day, regardless of where you live (and no international calling charges apply). 

In terms of payment, Psychic Source offers a simple per-minute payment schedule, with chat or phone advice starting at just $1 per minute.  You can make use of a variety of payment methods and a number of special offers run throughout the year in order to make using the service a little more friendly on the bank balance. In particular, it’s worth noting the introductory offer for new customers, which reduces the cost of all psychics to just $1 per minute (regardless of the price they normally charge). This makes the service really affordable, so it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on offer here.

Pyschic Source is a great service that we’re sure has something for everyone. With a huge number of psychics and astrologers online and ready to advise, together with a great collection of features (including articles, newsletters, horoscopes, charts and other resources), Psychic Source is deservedly popular with its users so we definitely suggest you give it a try too!

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