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eAstrolog Review

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eAstrolog is a simple and effective website that offers users a collection of excellent readings, predictions, horoscopes, reports and more based on the teachings of two leading members of the Romanian Astrologers Association. The most important element of eAstrolog is that all of the services and material on offer at the site are completely free of charge, making this site a great choice if all you’re interested in is finding out a little about what’s in store for you by reading your daily horoscope and aren’t looking to spend a fortune on monthly subscriptions. 

Considering eAstrolog is a free-to-use website, the amount of material featured on the site is pretty impressive. Users can enjoy fantastic, easy to read daily horoscopes that are delivered straight to their inbox completely free of charge. As well as this, users can learn about the art of astrology through a range of great articles and blogs, allowing them to learn about how astrology can impact their lives and how the site’s experienced astrologers and mediums learnt their skills. Users can also read classic Chinese horoscopes for the relevant Chinese year and annual horoscopes for the year ahead. There’s also a range of other great Chinese astrology tools and features, including Chinese astrology matching (helping you to find out who you are naturally drawn to and with whom you will form a natural bond) and full profiles of each of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. Finally, the eAstrolog Newsletter helps users to stay up to to date with the latest events and news in the astrology world, as well as featuring regular celebrity horoscopes and feature articles. 

While we enjoyed reviewing eAstrolog and definitely feel that it will be a useful and interesting tool for some, it’s worth noting that as the site is free of charge, there isn’t much in the way of personalized products or features. The extensive reports or predictions that are based not only on your sign but also on your birth chart (and therefore the position of the stars at the time of your birth) are not available here. That said, there’s nothing to stop users combining use of this site with others we have reviewed in this category if they are looking for more in-depth astrological advice. If you’re looking for a free site that doesn’t compromise on quality, give eAstrolog a go – if you’re looking for something a little more personal, check out other sites in our listings, including our No.1 in this category, Astrology.com.

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