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Indastro is one of the leading online providers of vedic astrology and horoscopes and is one of our favourite sites providing this interesting and ancient form of astrology.  For those who haven’t tried vedic astrology before, this form of astrology is a traditional hindu practice that is intended to help those who practice it achieve their overall potential in life. Indastro offers users the chance to discover what their life has in store for them through a range of great, personalized horoscopes, readings, birth charts and reports.  With a good range of features, many of which are specific to the field of vedic astrology, Indastro is an excellent choice if you're looking to learn about what this collection of traditional practices has to offer.

Indastro is guided and advised by a board of advisers, comprised of experienced vedic astrologers – so you can be sure that everything on offer at Indastro is of good quality. Users can ask for predictions in a number of different categories – including love, relationships, careers, money, health and ‘general life’. All of these predictions are in-depth, easy to read and generally of fantastic quality when compared to what else is available. A generous selection of premium products are available – including birth charts, private consultations, web chats, calendars and more. Personalized reports are priced individually, but most of the premium products available on this site are available as part of the Indastro premium monthly subscription cost. 

While we were pretty impressed by what is on offer at Indastro, the monthly cost of this service is certainly worth considering when you’re thinking about which service is right for you. Standard membership starts at $7.50 per month on a monthly subscription basis, though standard membership is available on an annual basis for around $75 (working out at around $6.25 a month). Premium and gold membership, including access to all of the products discussed above, is pretty expensive however – with gold  monthly subscription starting at almost $50 a month. In addition (although there is a free horoscope option with Indastro), the detailed daily horoscope is charged at $3.99 per month, so it’s something to bear in mind if you’re choosing between this and other sites we have reviewed.

We liked giving Indastro the No1 Reviews treatment and checking out exactly what is on offer here. Although the site has a number of great features and a wide range of unusual readings, reports and predictions, it definitely ranks as one of more expensive sites we have reviewed, so make sure you shop around to see if this site is right for you before you commit to a monthly subscription (especially as annual gold membership can set you back almost $500!)

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