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AskNow is a great psychic and astrology service that offers users the chance to learn about what their lives have in store. A trusted destination for psychic reports, readings, predictions and more for a number of years, AskNow now gives online users across the world the chance to benefit from some seriously great psychic advice. We had a great time checking out what AskNow has to offer prospective customers, so would suggest that anyone who is interested in tapping-in to regular, reliable and affordable consultations with online psychics – regardless of where you are located in the world – should read on to find out more about what AskNow has to offer.

Getting started with AskNow is incredibly easy, meaning even if you haven’t used a service like AskNow before, you’ll feel pretty comfortable giving it a go after just a few minutes. Users can check out extensive profiles for each psychic listed on the site to help them find someone who has the expertise and experience they are looking for.  Also, because there is such a large range of psychics and mediums available on the site, customers can enjoy everything from tarot reading, psychic readings, and numerology to spiritual guidance, dream interpretation and more. With AskNow, it’s also easy to see how much your consultation will cost as each psychic advertises their prices (on a per-minute basis) openly on the site. 

When it comes to pricing, AskNow comes out as one of the more expensive sites we have reviewed in this category. While there is a reasonable amount available for free, including the high-quality “daily videoscopes” for which the site is becoming well-known; and the great ‘ask-a-question’ service, psychic readings can become a little expensive.  The per-minute cost of psychics on the site ranges from around $4 per minute, right up to $20 per minute and everything in between. This means that, unfortunately, even a short reading with a popular psychic could mean a bill of $100 or more. This is in pretty stark contrast to the cost of readings at other sites, where users can often get a 20-minute reading for less than $50. There is one saving grace, however, and that is that new users can enjoy the first five minutes of their reading completely free of charge – a really great deal if you intend to use a psychic with a high per-minute rate. 

With a vast range of amazing features including great readings, products, free articles and of course, daily horoscopes too, AskNow is a popular choice. That said, AskNow isn’t the cheapest site we have looked at while reviewing sites in this category, so if you’re looking for a budget choice, this may not be the one for you. Hit the link below to find out more about AskNow, or check out the other reviews in this category (including those in our top ten) to find a psychic service that’s perfect for you.

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