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Star4Cast is the online astrology and horoscope service provided by celebrity astrologer Marjorie Orr. A BBC TV executive and skeptic, Marjorie embarked on her 25-year career in astrology following an enlightening discussion with a psychic medium. Impressed by how much the medium was able to tell her about her life, her dreams and where her life was headed, Marjorie went on to learn more about astrology and her international career as a medium, psychic and astrologer began. Now, Marjorie provides the majority of her services through her website and phone astrology service, meaning if you’re looking for a high-quality reading, birth chart or report, this could very well be a good place to start. 

One of the most impressive elements of Marjorie Orr’s Star4Cast service is its flexibility. Users can enjoy a personal consultation with Marjorie by email, instant messenger, telephone and even CD or audio file. In addition to this, you can also check out a wide range of celebrity and political astrology information, including checking out the horoscopes of your favorite celebrities. Birth charts and reports are also available – both in free, “non-personalized” format and as part of the paid-for, “premium” service. There’s also a wealth of other information and features that make this site a go-to destination, including the ‘love match’ service (which gives you the opportunity to learn more about what makes those of a particular star sign ‘tick’ and which signs would make good matches for them) and the popular astrology forum. 

Although we’re sure that the products on offer at Star4Cast are of great quality, many potential customers will be put off by the price of those services. A fifteen minute personal telephone reading will set you back a staggering $99, far more than the $30 or so charged for a similar reading by many of the services in our top ten in this category. While all products are charged individually and many are personalized to you (based on your date, time and location of birth), many will find the prices here a little steep. That said, there are a few products on offer here that are available free of charge (including, of course, the free daily horoscope service), so even those not willing to pay for premium services at Star4Cast will find something for them. 

While we enjoyed checking out the services on offer at Marjorie Orr’s Star4Cast and would definitely recommend users check it out, there are other sites out there that impressed us a little more (and offer a more accessible, value for money service too). For those who are simply looking for a basic, personalized horoscope without all of the bells and whistles, check out some of the services in our top ten that cater for a more general audience, such as Astrology.com or Keen.com.

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