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Horoscope.com is a fantastic online horoscopes and psychic service that offers a wealth of great features and access to some of the best psychic professionals available anywhere online. With a vast selection of free daily, weekly and monthly readings, this is a site where users get great value.  Unlike some other sites we have reviewed in this category, Horoscope.com prides itself on having the highest quality, original content that is hand-crafted by expert astrologers each day. If you’ve been disappointed by the quality of content elsewhere, then there’s a good chance you will find Horoscope.com ticks all of your boxes!

A good place to start in reviewing Horoscope.com is the horoscope service itself. Users can enjoy a vast range of horoscopes, including general sun-sign horoscopes as well as specialist horoscopes, including those focusing on love, career, money, teens and much more. Users can also check out fantastic Chinese horoscopes and vedic horoscopes, each offering something a little different. Users can opt to have any number of free horoscopes delivered to their email accounts each day, a fantastic way to keep up with what the stars have in store for you. In addition to the standard horoscopes, users can also enjoy online tarot, numerology and even Mayan astrology, all of which helps keep the site, and its services, interesting and fresh. 

As well as horoscopes, Horoscope.com offers a vast range of additional features that make the site even more enjoyable to use.  Users can make use of a range of games – such as fortune telling games, quizzes, tests, compatibility games and more - and applications on the site, enjoy quick readings and personalized premium readings and even online tarot readings, too. Members of Horoscope.com can also read articles based on a range of great topics (including love, relationships, health & beauty, entertainment and more). There’s also a great informative section that introduces readers to what being a psychic is like, how they can spot psychic gifts in themselves and their own lives, what their dreams really mean and a commentary on a whole host of other topics. Altogether, the offering at Horoscope.com is great regardless of whether you’re looking for a serious reading or just for fun. 

Many of the features and products available at Horoscope.com are offered free of charge, but there are a number of premium products that are charged individually. Users can order premium readings and charts to receive personalized advice and predictions based on the precise time and date of their birth. These premium readings start at just $9.99 (though their price varies considerably depending on exactly what sort of product you would like) and are provided in partnership with Astro-centre.com (another site that takes a spot in our top ten in this category). 

Horoscope.com is a great site that has a genuinely fun and friendly ethos. Whether you’re looking for a serious reading or just having a play with some of the games on offer, we’re sure you will enjoy using Horoscope.com. That said, many of the features on offer at this site are not unique, so many of the other sites in our top ten (particularly our number one site, Astrology.com) will provide similar offerings, so be sure to shop around to find a site that is right for you. Enjoy!

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