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Rip off for individual Service of for 30 year experience
14 June 2014
Reviewer: Phillip J from Tennessee

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This site essentially has individualized services which is a real rip off. They not only rip off sample reports of other sites but also provide an extremely generic form of remedies and cures which I had received way better ones and they were free. They are not very helpful and will try to sway you and use experience. They have copied samples from below here and make others pay for their services of $20-50 and they are all sample reports used by others and cures from responses given for free by many forums. The entire report essentially used word for word from other sites below and many others. Email me and I can send u a lit of them all. I think it is ok to copy from others but at least have the decency to at least rewrite it again in your own words. Stay away. Others are better than them. This is the astrologist:

Astrologist: Maneshwar Singh Kondal

Your Horoscope is Dharmi horoscope

Blind horoscope

Your Horoscope is Minor horoscope.

Ancestral Curse and Debts

Daughter's Debt

In summary, I would not recommend Astro Sage to a friend.

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